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HEMS SLC Model Questions

SLC Model Question: - 1
Time: 2:15 hrs. Sub: Science F.M:75

Attempt all the questions
1. a) What do you mean by gravitation? Show that acceleration due to gravity is independent of its mass. A body is at a height of 32km from the earth’s surface. Find the value of acceleration due to gravity at this height if its value at the earth’s surface is 9.8m/s2. Given that radius of earth is 6.4×106m and its mass is 6×1024kg. (1+1+2.5=4.5)
b) What do you mean by fossil fuels? Explain why the use of hydroelectricity is better than the use of fossils fuels. (1+2=3)
2. a) As in the given figure, if two hydrometer are partially immersed in fresh water and salt water, which one is salt water in between ‘A’ and ‘B’, why? On which law does the working of hydrometer base? An iron nail sinks in water but a huge ship made of iron floats on water, why? (1.5+1+2=4.5)

b) State Pascal’s law. Name any two equipments based on Pascal’s law. Write any two uses of hydrometer. (1+1+1=3)
3. a) Specific heat capacity of some substance are shown in the table. Answer the following questions on the basis of it.
Substances Specific heat capacity
X 470 J/Kg0C
Y 910 J/Kg0C
Z 380 J/Kg0C
i) What amount of heat is required to raise the temperature
of 5kg of mass of X by 50C? (2)
ii) If equal amount heat is provided to Y and Z, which one
is heated fast and why? (1)
iii) Bodies X and Z contain same heat and same
temperature but different mass. Which one has less mass?
Why? (1)
b) Define myopia. Which defects is shown in the figure. How can it be remedied? Clear your answer by the help of diagram of defect corrected. Mention any two causes of this defect? (1+0.5+1+1=3.5)
4. a) What do you mean by magnetic flux? Write any two differences between parallel and series combination of cell. Switches and fuse are connected in the live wire only, why? (1+1.5+1.5=4)
b) Electric bulb is filled with inert gases, why? Two bulbs of 50watt each and a heater of 1000watt are used for 3hours daily. Calculate the electricity consumed and its cost within 15 days if the rate is Rs. 7. (1.5+2=3.5)


5. a) State modern periodic law. Fluorine is more reactive than
chlorine, why? Write down the electronic configuration of
copper on the basis of sub-shell. (1+1+2=4)
b) Draw a well labeled diagram to show the lab preparation
carbon dioxide. Write down the structural formula of
dihydric and trihydric alcohol (2.5+1=3.5)
6. a) Which metal is obtained from hematite and bauxite? Write the balanced chemical reaction between the metal obtained from bauxite with dilute hydrochloric acid. Gold is found in nature in pure state but not the iron, why? (1+1+1.5=3.5)
b) What do you mean by NPK? How do the gases produced by the industries and transportation causes chemical pollution? How can it be controlled? Differentiate between soap and detergent. (1+1+1+1=4)
7. a) What is reflex action? When a person steps on the pointed and sharp things, he withdraws his legs suddenly, how does the transfer of stimulus take place? Explain it. Why is pancreas called as heterocrine gland? (1+2+1=4)
b) Name the virus that causes mumps and AIDS. Draw a labeled diagram showing internal part of human heart. (1+2.5=3.5)
8. a) The given diagram is the metaphase of mitosis and meiosis I. Write two main differences between these two phases. Write two main importance of meiosis cell division. (2+2=4)
b) Asexual reproduction is beneficial for farmers, why? Differentiate between antheridium and archegonium. (1.5+2=3.5)
9. a) What is bionomial system of nomenclature? Mention any three importance of classification? “Snakes should not be killed but should be preserved” Justify. (1+1.5+1.5=4)
b) What do you mean by monohybrid cross? Draw a chart showing the result received in first and second filial generation of tall and short pea plant in Mendels experiment, what were the percentage of dominant characteristics in this experiment? (1+1+1.5=3.5)

Geology +Astronomy
10. a) Write are the major events that happened in triassiac , Jurassic and Cretaceous period. What do you mean by ozone depletion? How can you say that CFCs is the main cause of ozone layer depletion? (1.5+1+1.5=4)
b) What is Pulsar? How does supernova form? Name any two galaxies. (1+1.5+1=3.5)

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SLC Model Question: - 2
Time: 2:15 hrs. Sub: Science F.M:75

Attempt all the questions

1. a) Write two differences between acceleration due to gravity and gravitational constant. The probability of getting hurt is more when a man jumps from significant height, why? If the mass and radius of the moon is 7.2×1022kg and 1.7×108m respectively, what will be the mass of a man on the surface of the moon having weight of 107.9N on earth’s surface? (1+1+2.5=4.5)
b) What do you mean by energy crisis? “The increase in rate of petroleum products may help to prevent in energy crisis in near future.” Justify. (1+2=3)
2. a) What do you mean by hydrometer? Mention its use. If pistons A, B and C of apparatus given in the diagram are supposed to be frictionless, what is the area of the piston B? What force is exerted on piston C? (1+1+2.5=4.5)
b) What are the two factors, which does not affect up thrust of liquid? A hole at the bottom of a ship is more dangerous, why? (1+2=3)
3. a) A beaker completely filled with water of 40C will overflow on heating also and on cooling too, why? Calculate the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 50kg of water from 100C to 600C. (1.5=2=3.5)
b) Draw a ray diagram to show the position and nature of the image of an object placed in between the principal focus and optical centre and convex lens. Write any two differences between human eyes and camera. (2+2=4)
4. a) State Flemings right hand rule. Write any two uses of using the colorful wire in house hold wiring. Differentiate between filament lamp and fluorescent lamp. (1+1+2=4)
b) Which type of transformer is given in the figure, explain why? Calculate the number of turns in secondary coil. (1+2.5=3.5)

5. a) What are inert gases? Which types of elements are kept in S block? What is the relation between atomic size and reactivity of elements of this group? Give reason. (1+1+1=3)
b) Sketch a labeled diagram of lab preparation of ammonia gas. Mention its principle reaction also. Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons. (2.5+2=4.5)
6. a) Which metal is obtained from calverite ore? Write down the balanced formula equation of the chemical reaction between the extracted metal and aquaregia. Give two physical properties of that metal. (0.5+1+1+1=3.5)
b) Which glass will be formed if the mixture of silica and sodium carbonate is heated? Write its use. Phenolphthalein is used as an indicator why? Differentiate between polythene and Bakelite. (1+1+1+1=4)
7. a) Draw a figure of bacteriophage virus. Virus if of keen interest to the scientist, why? Define taxis. Classify the types of response/stimulation:-
i) Earthworm moves away from light.
ii) Antherozoids run towards malic acid secreted by archegonium. (1.5+1=1+1=4.5)
b) A person with lower amount of insulin in blood suffers from blood pressure, why? Mention any three differences between arteries and veins. (1.5+1.5)
8. a) What do you mean by crossing over? Draw a neat diagram of anaphase stage of mitosis. How is mitosis cell division different from meiosis cell division? (1+1+2=4)
b) All kind of mushroom is not edible, why? What do you mean by alternation of generation? Differentiate between primary and secondary mycelium. (1+1+1=3)
9. a) What do you mean by bio-geochemical cycle? Lighting are advantegeous for farmers, why? Classify ostrich with a special character.(1+1.5+1=3.5)
b) What do you mean by dominant characters? Draw a chart of Mendelian cross up to second filial generation between red flowers producing peas plant having auxiliary flowers with white flower producing pea plant having terminal flower. Show the phenotypic and genotypic ratio too. (Red colour of the flower and form the axial are dominant characters) (1+3=4)
10. a) Human beings evolved after millions of years before dinosaurs’ were evolved, why? Mention the era in which they were evolved. What is acid rain? Mention the causes of green house effect. (1.5+1+1+1=4.5)
b) What constellation? Name two satellites of Jupiter. Differentiate between galaxies and constellation. (1+1+1=3)

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HEMS SLC Model Questions